Ý kiến khách hàng

Ý kiến khách hàng

When I found I had breast cancer, my granddaughter—who is in school learning to

be an acupuncture therapist--- recommended I see Dr. Liang before I had my lumpectomy.

Dr. Liang performed a pre-surgical acupuncture procedure that promotes healing and reduces hemorrhaging. My operation which included the removal of some lymph nodes as well, was successful. After the surgery, I had more acupuncture therapy from Dr. Liang to reduce scarring and pain and to promote flexibility. I remember

after the surgery, my doctor was examining the lesion. I had my arm above my head and he was mentioning exercises he would give me to help with flexibility. He stopped in mid-sentence, looked at my arm and said: "Is that your arm up there? You don't need any exercises!” I credit Dr. Liang with my fast recuperation. During chemotherapy and radiation treatment, Dr. Liang again came to my aid by placing auricular pressure points in my ears. Whenever I felt nauseous from the drug therapy, I simply rubbed these points and the nausea went away! I never had to take expensive nausea pills. Also, I have always had trouble swallowing. After my surgery of course I had to take a lot of pills. My doctor laughed at me when I complained about how hard it was for me to swallow them. Dr. Liang listened to me. He had a specific acupuncture therapy that aids swallowing and it relieved my problem.

Hoàng Cường

Hello Dr. Liang,
You are a genius!! This is the third time you have cured illness which Western docs say they cannot help. Well, one might, he helped with steroids. Steroids, taken three years ago, gave me blood clots and diabetes. I am deeply grateful to you for your fine work; for Corinne for introducing us and for the freedom that comes with trust in my physician. How blessed I am.
Every best wish,